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Рейтинг статей журнала

АвторНазвание статьиГод, номерКоличество скачиваний
1Nataliia Ulianchych[Украина], Oleg Mishchenko[Украина], Igor Kоndratets[Украина], Nataliia Zaitseva[Украина]Controlled Properties of Osteotropic Biomins Implant Material for Various Clinical Applications (Literature Review and Own Results)2014, December1060
2Marzieh Negahban[Иран], Abdolhossein Aboutalebi[Иран], Abdolraool Zakerin[Иран]The Effect of Phosphorus on the Growth and Productivity of Mexican Marigold (Tagetes minuta L.)2014, December1031
3Tea T. Mchedluri[Грузия], Darejan A. Margalitashvili[Грузия], Tinatin G. Khokhobasvili[Грузия]Impact of ,,Saperavi” (vitis vinifera L.) Grape Seed Oil on Physiological Processes of Rats' Organism2014, September1011
4Marzieh Negahban[Иран], Sajedeh Saeedfar[Иран]Essential Oil Composition of Thymus vulgaris L.2015, March1010
5Mohammad Mohammadpour[Иран], Marzieh Negahban[Иран], Sajedeh Saeedfar[Иран], Parvin Salehi Shanjani[Иран], Hamideh Javadi[Иран]Effect of Drought Stress on some of the Biochemical Characteristics of Three Achillea Populations (Achillea vermicularis)2015, June978
6Marzieh Negahban[Иран], Sajedeh Saeedfar[Иран], Vahid Rowshan[Иран], Sharareh Najafian[Иран]Essential Oil Content and Composition of Fennel Fruits (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.)2015, June978
7Natalya G. Andrianova[Казахстан], Tatyana О. Sirotina[Казахстан]Indicators Terms of Maturing and Storage of the Introduced Apple Cultivar Fruits in the Conditions of the Arid Zone of Central Kazakhstan2015, March967
8Аkzhunis А. Imanbayeva[Казахстан], Ivan F. Belozerov[Казахстан]Physiological Features ofWood Plants in Introduction Experiment in Arid Conditions of the Desert of Mangistau2015, March945
9Magda D. Davitashvili[Грузия], Nana K. Natsvlishvili[Грузия]Influence of Synthetic Oestrogens on the Synthesis of Interferon-γ in Human Leukocytes2015, March944
10Ajay Tomer[Индия], Ramji Singh[Индия], Manoj Kumar Maurya[Индия]Determination of Effect of Substrate Concentration and Dilution of Inoculums on Population Dynamics of Pseudomonas Fluorescens2015, March937

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